This course introduces beginning skills required for technical mountaineering in an alpine environment. Topics covered, route finding, hiking, techniques for safe and efficient technical mountain travel, rope and steep snow climbing, crevasse rescue, glacier travel and anchor building. Student will develop knowledge, techniques and methods for safe mountain travel.


The course objectives are as follows:

  • Review climbing equipment
  • Employ basic principles of movement on steep snow and glaciers. Kick stepping / post holing / plunge stepping / ascending /descending
  • Crevasse rescue techniques
  • Ice ax use and self arrest
  • Crampon use and technique
  • Glacier travel
  • Repelling/ ascending
  • Backpacking / equipment /techniques
  • Route finding
  • Leave no trace practices
  • Review and practice setting snow anchors
  • Practice climbing terminology
  • Describe and manage various rope systems
  • Practice down climbing, safeguarding the climb, and emergency procedures